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Profotonet Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy

Version 2.0 – 1 September 2023

Sensitive private data, or personal data, is processed via our website. Profotonet considers careful handling of personal data to be of great importance, which is why we process and secure personal data with due care.

In our processing, we comply with all requirements under privacy legislation. This means that:

  • We clearly specify our purposes before we process personal data, through this privacy statement.
  • We limit the personal data we collect to only the personal data necessary for the stated purposes.
  • We seek your explicit consent to process your personal data beforehand in cases where your consent is required.
  • We take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and require the same from parties processing personal data on our behalf.
  • We keep your personal data for no longer than necessary to fulfil the specific purpose for which we obtained your personal data.
  • We respect your right to, on request, have access to your personal data, have this rectified and/or have this deleted.

Profotonet is the data controller. In this privacy statement we explain which personal data we collect and use via the website www.profotonet.nl and for what purpose. We recommend that you read this information carefully.

If you have any questions, or want to know exactly what personal data we have about you, please contact us via support@profotonet.nl.

Order processing

When you place an order with us, we use your personal data to properly process your order. We may then pass on your personal data to our delivery service so that they can deliver your order. We also receive information about your payment from your bank or credit card company.

In such a transaction we use your name, phone number, email address, street address, billing address and payment details. We do this based on your consent. We keep this information until your order has been completed. We keep certain customer data for longer in compliance with retention obligations under tax law.

If you return an item purchased online to us, we ask you to fill in the shipping label or model withdrawal form (with your name, address and order number and, optionally, the reason for return). We need this information to process your returned item(s) and, if applicable, send you a new item or refund the purchase price.

You can also return or exchange an online item at one of our shops. Items bought in one of our shops can also be returned or exchanged in our shops.

Your account

Certain parts of our website require you to register before you can gain access. You then have to provide information about yourself and choose a username. With that, we create an account where you can log in using that username and a password of your choosing.

In this process, we use your name, email address, IP address, street address, billing address and phone number. We do this based on your consent. We keep this information for six months after you cancel the account.

We keep this information so that you do not have to fill it in again each time and so that we can contact you in the context of carrying out the agreement. You can edit your personal details via your account whenever you want. For questions or if you would like to request that we change or delete your account and/or personal information, please contact us at support@profotonet.nl.

Statistics and profiling

We compile statistics on the use of our website, which we use to improve our website by showing only relevant information, for example. We of course respect your privacy at all times when compiling this data.

We combine your personal data from various sources to provide you with the best online shopping experience. We do this by linking various data from you, such as account details, purchase history and reviews you have posted, as well as your browsing behaviour on our website using different devices, such as your PC, smartphone or tablet. We may possibly also supplement or optimise your data with data from public sources or sources you have given permission to use. We use this data to improve our services and to align these better to our customers’ needs, for which we have a legitimate interest.


We would like to send you advertising with offers and/or information about new products or services. We will do this:

  • by post
  • by email
  • via social media
  • through the website (via push notifications)
  • by text message or other digital messaging platforms.

You can object to receiving this advertising at any time. Each letter contains instructions on how to do this and each e-mail contains an unsubscribe link. You can block us or use the unsubscribe option. You can also inform us of your wishes through your account.


Reviews help our customers find what they are looking for. If you write a review, you decide whether or not to have your name and other personal details visible to other visitors. You can opt to use an alias instead. You can also state whether we may contact you in response to your review.

Your review will automatically show whether or not you bought the product from Profotonet. By including this information with your review we aim to ensure the transparency and reliability of reviews on our website, and our customers can better assess the value of the reviews. We check that you purchased the product on our website using the order details.

We only post your reviews with your consent. Reviews remain a valuable source of information to customers for a long time. Accordingly, we keep your review until you ask us to remove it or until such a time as we remove it ourselves under our review guidelines.


Our website displays ads. We see if people like them and then use that information to present only fun or interesting ads and offers in the future.


Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer to store information so you don’t have to constantly enter this each time you visit. They also allow us to see that you are visiting us again.

When you visit our website for the first time, we display a message explaining cookies. Where legally required to do so, we will ask for your consent for the placement of these cookies.

You can block cookies via your browser, but some parts of our website will then no longer work properly.

Though we have made agreements with other companies that also place cookies, we do not have full control over what they do with the data collected via these cookies. So we recommend that you read their privacy statements as well (please note that these statements may be updated regularly).

We use the services of Google Analytics to track how visitors use our website. We have a data processing agreement with Google that sets out strict condidtions regarding the data Google may collect and process. We allow Google to use the data collected via Google Analytics for other Google services. We have instructed Google to anonymise the IP addresses.

Provision of personal data to third parties

We may pass on your personal data as specified above to certain companies with which we partner.

We will not, however, provide the personal data you provide us to third parties if you have not given your consent for this, unless required or permitted by law. In some cases, Profotonet is obliged to process certain personal data and disclose this to third parties, such as to the police in connection with a criminal investigation, or to a regulator.


Profotonet takes appropriate measures to counter misuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorised changes to personal data. If you have the impression that your data is not properly secured or you suspect that it has been misused, please contact us. Our contact details are listed below. To protect your data, we take at least the following measures:

  • Access to sensitive data (including personal data) is protected by a username and password and (if available) a second factor when the risk warrants it.
  • We take physical measures such as locks and safes to protect access to the systems in which personal data is stored.
  • We use secure (HTTPS) connections that protect all information between you and our website when you enter personal data.
  • We keep logs of all retrievals of personal data.


If you are 16 years old or younger, you may only use our website and/or services under the supervision of your parent(s) or legal guardian(s). We will therefore in no case intentionally process personal data of persons under 16 years of age.

If you as a parent or legal guardian become aware that we have, despite our best efforts, unknowingly processed your minor child’s personal data, please contact us.

Photographic material depicting minors

Although our services are not explicitly aimed at minors, we may come into contact with photographic material and other information regarding minors through the services we offer (such as school photography with Profotosales). Our customers (e.g. photographers) supply us with this material and are responsible for ensuring appropriate privacy agreements with the parties representing the data subjects (parent or legal guardian/representative of the minor) whose personal data they process. They are, for example,  responsible for obtaining permission to take/print/deliver photos. Profotonet is not liable for matters that are handled elsewhere in the privacy chain.

Changes to this privacy statement

We reserve the right to change this privacy statement as we deem necessary from time to time. We therefore recommend that you consult this privacy statement regularly so that you are aware of any changes. We will do our best to announce changes separately as well.

Accessing, correcting and deleting your data

If you have any questions or want to know what personal data we have about you, you are welcome to contact us at any time. See the contact details below.

You have the rights described below. You have the right:

  • to be informed of our collection and use of your personal data;
  • to access the personal data we have about you;
  • to have errors in your personal data we have rectified;
  • to have obsolete personal data deleted;
  • to revoke your consent;
  • to object to us using your personal data for a particular purpose or purposes;
  • to have us provide you or another party you specify with your personal data in a computer file (‘data portability’).

We apply an identification procedure that ensures that we only change or delete the personal data of the person making the request.

Submitting a complaint

If you have any questions or complaints about the processing of your personal data, we are, of course, happy to help you. You can contact us via support@profotonet.nl. If you are not satisfied with our response, you may take your complaint directly to the regulator. This is the Dutch Personal Data Authority.

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