Order overview

The Profotonet API

Automate your order flow by linking up with our API

What is an API?

Put simply, an API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of URLs (such as https://api.profotonet.nl/v1/products) that you can access straight from an application. For instance, you can then forward the orders you’ve received to our platform without having to do anything, after which we process these orders.

What can I do with your API?

Our API facilitates automated order submissions. An API example: school photographers who have their own order platform, but who wish to have a direct link with a prolab.

As soon as we have granted you access to the API, you can request a product list. You can use these products to place an order. As soon as an order has been placed, you can make a status request for it. You can also define your own URL, which we use to notify your platform should the order status change.

How do I implement the API?

API implementation is mostly processed by a software/web developer. If you’re a developer and understand REST APIs, the implementation should be a piece of cake for you! If you’re not a developer, you can send the documentation to your developer. They will be able to help you further, for sure!

API documentation can be found at: https://documentation.profotonet.nl/api/v1/

Not familiar with APIs, but have large order quantities to process? Then Profotosales might just be something for you!


Are you interested in linking up with our platform? You can always get in touch with us for a free of obligation chat about the available options!

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