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The sustainable photo book

15 December 2023

Profotonet makes all its photo books sustainable. We offset our carbon footprint by planting trees within the Netherlands. By making a clear analysis of our emissions, we know exactly how much we need to compensate. We are committed to making our photo books truly sustainable.


We believe it is important to work towards a sustainable future. We realise that by continuing to improve our products and the production process, we can contribute to a sustainable future. We have therefore commissioned a Life Cycle Analysis for our photo books. Among other things, this Life Cycle Analysis identifies our footprint and also provides suggestions on how we can improve it further.

So we work hard every day to make our products and the production process as sustainable as possible. We use FSC-certified Photo paper, our packaging materials are also made of FSC-certified cardboard, we use green electricity to make the Photo paper and our cover materials are vegan. The first steps towards a sustainable future have already been taken, but we want to go the extra mile. Our Life Cycle Analysis showed that we emit 5.44 CO2 kg per photo book. Therefore, we compensate these emissions by planting trees in the Netherlands.


FSC-certified paper/packaging material

All our photo books feature FSC-certified Photo paper. In addition, all our products are packed with FSC-certified packaging material. This contributes to sustainable and social forest management, because forests with a high nature value and vulnerable forest areas, among others, are left alone.


Use of green electricity

To produce our Photo paper, we use green electricity from our supplier. They generate this green power themselves with five wind turbines located on their premises in Tilburg. In total, these five windmills generate ten megawatts, which is about 20 per cent of their total annual energy consumption. This number is comparable to the annual electricity consumption of about six thousand households.


Planting of trees in the Netherlands

Thanks to Life Cycle Analysis, we know that we emit 5.44 CO2 kg per photo book. We offset these CO2 emissions by planting trees in the Netherlands. We chose a Dutch project, so that the ‘profit’ is also close to home. We plant trees in cooperation with Regreener.

Our goal is to make all of Profotonet's production more sustainable, improving and offsetting our footprint wherever possible.
Raymond Luijks General Manager
Livre photo durable-co2-émissions-prophotonet-vert-v2

What else we do to make our operations as sustainable as possible:

Vegan cover material

For our cover materials, we only use vegan products. This means that there are no animal substances in the material. This reduces our food footprint and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and land use.

Separating waste

Throughout the company, we separate paper and plastic waste. Furthermore, we separate parts of the chemicals we use. This is because the photochemicals we use have a major impact on our carbon footprint and, if not recovered, leave many heavy metals behind in the environment. We therefore work with a recycling company that recovers 95% of the chemicals as well as extracting and reusing the heavy metals.

Limiting transport movement

We have a large warehouse storage which allows us to buy in large quantities. This limits the number of transport movements. In addition, customers can choose to pick up their photo books in the Kamera Express stores. Here, the photo books are taken along with the trips the Kamera Express bus already makes. The distance between Kamera Express and Profotonet is only 400 metres, so the bus does not have to drive far to pick up the photo books.

Production process

Our production manager and staff are constantly working to improve the production process. We try to work as efficiently as possible and minimise waste. Thanks in part to investments in high-tech machinery that make us more energy and material efficient, we contribute to more sustainable production.