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Error message | Software is randomly crashing

Random, inexplicable software crashes usually relate to the computer itself. Primary storage, virus scanners, viruses, etc. This page lists and explains a number of possible causes.

A rule of thumb re. primary storage required for our software: after start-up (!) 2GB RAM should be just enough.

It may also be that an error occurred during installation / in the cache memory. In this instance you could see if reinstallation of the software resolves the issue. Run through the following steps:

Step 1: First, save the designs. With a Windows computer, you’ll find the “Profotonet Album Designer Projects” folder in the Documents folder on the C: drive. This will have the blueprints of previously designed albums in it. Make a copy of the contents, and save this on e.g. your desktop. On an Apple computer this folder can be found in the User folder.

Step 2: You can now uninstall the software. On a Windows computer use the uninstall icon in the “Profotonet Album Designer” folder (under C:\Programme Files). With an Apple computer drag the programme into the trash.

Step 3: After that, delete all “retained information”, by deleting the Profotonet folder from the “Application data” on your computer. You will find this folder in the User folder on the C: drive. This is often hidden (an example of such a path C:\Users\*yourusername *\AppData\Roaming).

Having completed the steps above, you can download the programme again.