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Do you have Photoshop and InDesign templates for the photo books?

Making your own photo book in Photoshop or InDesign is, of course, possible. To do so effectively, we recommend you use our ready-to-go templates. You can download these templates here.

Ready-to-go templates for InDesign and Photoshop

Below you will find the downloadable InDesign and Photoshop ready-to-go templates, per format & per photo book. The red border in the template is the trim margin. For photos that bleed you must position the whole photo within the red margin to prevent white borders in your photo book.


DescriptionDimensionsDownload template
Photo book 15×1515.6×30.6Photo book 15×15 PSD (Photoshop)
 Photo book 15×15 IDML (InDesign)
Photo book 15×2015.6×40.6Photo book 15×20 PSD (Photoshop)
 Photo book 15×20 IDML (InDesign)
Photo book 20×2020.3×40.0Photo book 20×20 PSD (Photoshop)
 Photo book 20×20 IDML (InDesign)
Photo book 20×3020.3×59.6Photo book 20×30 PSD (Photoshop)
 Photo book 20×30 IDML (InDesign)
Photo book 25×2525.4×50.2Photo book 25×25 PSD (Photoshop)
 Photo book 25×25 IDML (InDesign)
Photo book 30×2030.1×40.0Photo book 30×20 PSD (Photoshop)
 Photo book 30×20 IDML (InDesign)
Photo book 30×3030.1×59.6Photo book 30×30 PSD (Photoshop)
 Photo book 30×30 IDML (InDesign)
Photo book 30×4030.1×79.8Photo book 30×40 PSD (Photoshop)
 Photo book 30×40 IDML (InDesign)
Photo book 30×4530.1×88.7Photo book 30×45 PSD (Photoshop)
 Photo book 30×45 IDML (InDesign)


Download the template you require, decide on our preferred page layout and save as JPG files. Are your pages finished? Go to our software, upload all the spreads you’ve made and pop them individually into the software. You can still make the cover very easily – this changes in size by the number of pages.
The spreads can be easily dragged onto the pages and scaled across the entire spread using the right mouse button. Everything in? Place your order via the green basket.