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How do I make customised photos in Lightroom?

As a rule of thumb, we always try to print your photo to ratio, as large as possible onto your selected format. With most photos the short side is fixed and the long side is proportionally enlarged, except with panoramic photos where this is the other way round, where the long side is fixed. So, one of the sides will always be ‘standard’. But, what if you don’t want a standard format, but say instead, a 30×40 print?

Read on. The first thing to do is crop the photo. This isn’t necessary, but may help you.  Tools -> Trim (shortcut key R). 

Then, open the print menu File -> Printer (shortcut key Ctrl+P).A drop-down menu will appear on the right, listing a number of options. At the bottom, you’ll see Print taskThis menu drops down, and at the top you’ll see Print to: Printer. Change this to Print to: JPG file. Tick Edited file measurements, and enter the measurements of your ultimate file.
For example, you want a 30×40 photo. So you then order format 30×30-30×45.

Under Layout you enter where you want the white border, and how big the final photo should be. Under margins you select how much white border space you want on each side. With a 30×40 photo you get a white border measuring 0.5 cm, that you could, say, place at the top. At cell size, put in that the photo will be 30×40.

  • If the photo has already been cropped you don’t need to do anything else here.
  • If the photo isn’t yet cropped, you can now drag the photo to determine the cutout.

You can then save the photo by clicking on Print to file ….

Editing multiple photos simultaneously
 A great bonus in Lightroom is that you can create templates that help you easily apply your editing to all imported photos. For this, press on the plus sign and create a template. When you select a photo and then click on a template, it is automatically applied to the photo. Now all you need to do is check that the cutout of all the photos is right, and then simply save all the photos simultaneously by selecting them and clicking on Print to file …