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How do I order irregular formats?

If you’re after an irregular format (e.g. for an exact photo frame fit), that’s no problem at all. You will first have to edit the image using photo editing software, such as Photoshop, and afterwards possibly trim it yourself.

As long as you follow the steps outlined below to the letter, anything is possible.

  • Format the image to your preferred format in centimetres by cropping and/or altering the image size. When altering the image size ensure the ‘calculate new image pixels’ option isn’t ticked without good reason.
    *Example: 10×18.5 cm.
  • Select the right paper format, whereby the short and long sides of your image fall within the paper’s printable space.
    * For 10×18.5 choose 13×13-13×19.
  • Avoid automatic scaling by making the short side equal to the paper’s short side. You do so via canvas enlargement of the short side; the long side must lie within the minimum and maximum of the selected paper format.
    * For a 10×18.5 you therefore make the 10 cm side 12.7 cm, by adding 2.7 cm canvas (white border).

For our exact paper formats, and a few examples, read the ‘How do I get a specific photo print format?’ blog.

Do you find all of this too much effort, or don’t have access to, say, Photoshop? If so, select Custom Photo Prints on our order platform. Here you can enter your preferred size down to the nearest half a centimetre. You will then receive your photo in the right size, but with white borders though. You’ll need to trim these yourself.