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How do I order multiple photos in one go?

This is asked a lot: can I combine multiple photos, different products, formats or paper types in a single order?

Everything is possible! And, hassle-free too.

Step 1: Select your files

Step 2: Select the photos you would like to have in a particular size

Step 3: On the right, select which product, size and paper/finish type you want, and confirm with the red ‘add’ button. These have now been added to the basket; you will see at the top right of the screen that the basket has changed from red to green, with a number beside it. Also, by the files in question, you will now see in green what you have ordered for the particular photo.

Step 4: Next, select any other files you want in a different size/paper type, and repeat these steps as often as you need to until you have processed all your photos and formats.

Step 5: Click on the basket at the top right of the screen to complete your order.