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Error message | Photo book upload freezes at a certain page

If the upload keeps freezing at a certain page, there is most likely a problem with that page. Issues to double-check:

  • All used elements must be 8bits (a JPG file is automatically 8 bits, but a TIFF file can be 16 bits)
  • The colour profile must be RGB (Adobe RGB or sRGB), no CMYK or indexed colour etc.
  • The resolution must be listed as pixels per inch, not pixels per cm.
  • The image used isn’t too large a file, or that there aren’t too many files on the one page. If you have come across an issue on this page, with say a particular file type, it would be advisable to double-check all your other images whilst you’re at it. Outliers in MBs (a JPG file of around 60MB) are a useful marker with this.