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How do I order multiple photo formats in one go?

This is asked a lot: can I combine multiple photos, different products, formats or paper types in a single order?

Everything is possible! And, hassle-free too. Let’s get started:

Step 1: Select your files

Step 2: Select the photos you’d like to have in a particular format

Step 3: On the right, select which product, size and paper/finish type you want, and confirm with the red ‘add’ button. They have now been added to the basket. You will see this by the number listed next to the basket. Also, by the files in question, you will now see in green what you have ordered for the particular photo.

Step 4: Next, select any other files you want in a different size/paper type, and repeat these steps as often as you need to until you have processed all your photos and formats.

Step 5: Click on the basket at the top right of the screen to complete your order.