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How do I order a photo book?

Your photo book design is complete, and you’re happy with the proof exports. It’s time to order your photo book. Make sure you have optimal internet connection and click on the basket in the software to go to the online order form.

Automatic check

Once you click on Order, the software will automatically check your photo book for errors, such as missing photos.

  • A yellow warning signThere is a low quality photo or library element in your photo book. Select a different photo or reduce the existing photo in size to ensure optimal quality.
  • A red warning signAn element is missing. This can occur, for example, if you have placed a photo somewhere else on your computer. Do not ignore red warning signs.


In the next step you can choose to add your project to the basket, after which you can order multiple photo books simultaneously, or place the order straight away. If you select Order Now, you will be sent to the online order form. If this is your first time making a photo book, you will need to create a user account.

Choose your finish

You can choose the finish of your photo book in the online order form.

  • Paper type Fuji HD Glossy or Lustre.
  • CoverChoose between various types of linen and leather. If you have opted for a photo cover you can still choose whether to use photo paper or linen.
  • End paperEnd papers are glued to the inside of the cover. They are the first and last pages of your photo book. As standard, your own design is used for this (which means your photo book starts straight away with your photos, and not with an empty first page), but if you’d like an extra page between the photo book cover and the start of your album, select the colour of your end paper here.

Next, select the delivery address, invoice address and delivery method to complete the order. You will now return to the software to upload the files. As soon as we are in safe receipt of your files, we will send you a confirmation email.