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I’ve received a photo book with ridged pages. What do I do?

You have ordered, and received, one of our photo books, but it appears the inside pages are ridged. This is not the result either of us want, and a resolution needs to be found.

We use photochemical (photo) paper for our photo books as it offers far better quality and sharpness in the printing process. However, this cannot be compared with standard paper, it has a slightly plastic quality and at certain times of the year when air humidity is slightly higher than normal, the photo paper in the photo book might start to react, resulting in ridged pages. As long as it stays in the same room with an air humidity rating between 40-60%, your photo book will be fine. However, the photo book travels, when it is couriered by PostNL from our production unit to our sorting office, and when it goes in a van for delivery to your door. Undergoing all manner of temperature fluctuations and air humidity ratings, which the photo book will need a little time to recover from.

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