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What paper types and photo frames do you supply?

Want to frame a photo? If so, take the paper surface area and the glass in the photo frame into account. We are regularly queried about photos sticking to the glass of a photo frame. This can happen as both the photo print and the glass are smooth surfaces. If the photo is glossy / glossy pearl and the glass has no relief, the two can stick together, which in turn results in ugly rings on the front. There are two solutions:

  1. Change the surface area

The first solution can be found in opting for good quality glass with a relief, or for matte (lustre) photo paper. When the glass or print has a miniscule relief structure, air can get in between the paper and glass, to prevent sticking.

  1. Ensure there is no contact between the two surface areas.

Solution number two is to use a photo mount. This helps create a layer of air between the glass and photo (so there is no contact), for beautiful results.