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How do I save my own page styles?

If you regularly make photo books you’ll have developed your own style, and will likely use your own page designs. One handy function of the Book Designer is that you can save page styles, for later use.

Designing a page style

Step 1: Position the photo frames and other elements (frames, backgrounds etc.) on the page.

Step 2: Then, click on the cog in the Page Style menu at the bottom of the window and select Save Spread as Page Style.

Step 3: Give the page design a name. Next, select the category the design should come under, or create your own category.

Step 4: Click OK.Your own page style is ready! You will be able to find this back among the other page styles at the bottom of the window.

Photo effects in the template

Do you want to add a default photo effect – such as black and white or mirroring – to a photo frame? This is how you do it:

Step 1: Design your page style

Step 2: Drag a random photo into the photo frame, and add the photo effect.

Step 3: Save the page style. The photo in the frame will disappear in the design, but the photo effects will be saved.