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How do I reorder a photo book?

Have you made a photo book already that you would like to reorder? No problem! By logging into the Album Designer page you can reorder an exact copy of the design up to a year after, via the Reorder button. If you saved the project on your own computer, or have made changes to the design, that period can be much longer. This is how to reorder via the Profotonet Book Designer on your computer:

Step 1:  Open the Book Designer and select “Open Existing Project”.

Step 2: Select the project you want to reorder and click on “Duplicate Project”.

Step 3: Give the project a new name and select “Open”.

Step 4: Make any potential changes and review the photo book thoroughly.

Step 5: Reorder your photo book.

Make sure when saving projects on your computer that all the original photos used in the photo book are also saved. Our software only shortcuts to the images; the original files are only ‘picked up’ at the point of ordering.