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I can’t log in. What do I do?

If you have placed an order with us before, but your login details no longer work, bear the following in mind:

You do not need any login details to order a photo product, such as a photo print or wall art (canvas, Photo Blocks, Dibond, etc.), and you can place your order whenever you like.

However, you will need an account to order a photo book or photo calendar. We use different packages for this. Standard software; with this you can order photo books, themed photo books and photo calendars. Professional software; with this you can order standard photo books and Premium photo books. You will need different accounts for these different software packages.

In addition, we also have the Service Centre, where you can find information about orders already placed. As this is separate to the photo book software, you will need another account for this.

Any problems, please get in touch with our Customer Service. We are on hand to help you further.