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How do I start making a photo book?

You have selected the photos and have installed the photo book software. You are now ready to start on your photo book. Launch Book Designer.

Make a new project

The first time you launch the software you can choose whether you want it to automatically search for updates. Enable this, to be sure you always work with the most recent products. Click on ‘Make a new project’ to go to the product overview.

Selecting a photo book

Here, select the type of photo book you want, and its orientation. Switching format with the same orientation (e.g. from a 20×20 to a 30×30) can always be done at a later date. Select your preferred cover type here. This too can be changed at a later date. You don’t have to choose the type of paper you want yet, this is only done when you come to pay. The same applies to the inside of the cover (the end paper).

Importing photos

In the next step you select the images you want from your computer’s directory structure. You can also import photos from Facebook. You can always add photos at a later date.