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Error message | Nil object exception

The message “nil object exception” can be to do with the fact your computer didn’t have sufficient RAM memory at the time of making the request to open/process an item. See if closing all other applications other than the Designer helps resolve the issue.

It may also be that an error occurred during installation / in the cache memory. If so, see if restarting the programme resolves the issue. Run through the following steps:

Step 1: First, save the designs. With a Windows computer, you’ll find the “Profotonet Album Designer Projects” folder in the Documents folder on the C: drive. This will have the blueprints of previously designed albums in it. Make a copy of the contents, and save this on e.g. your desktop. On an Apple computer this folder can be found in the User folder.

Step 2: You can now uninstall the software. On a Windows computer use the uninstall icon in the “Profotonet Album Designer” folder (under C:\Programme Files). With an Apple computer drag the programme into the trash.

Step 3: After that, delete all “retained information”, by deleting the Profotonet folder from the “Application data” on your computer. You will find this folder in the User folder on the C: drive. This is often hidden (an example of such a path: C:\Users\*yourusername *\AppData\Roaming).

Having completed the steps above, you can download the programme again.