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Can I also order Fundy Designer or Pixellu SmartAlbums at Profotonet?

All our photo books are in both Fundy Designer and Pixellu SmartAlbums’ software. However, you cannot place your order via Fundy Designer or Pixellu SmartAlbums. You can though work on the layout really well in these outstanding software packages, and via a few simple steps, add the photo book to our software to quickly place your order.

Step 1: Select the right product and format, and start designing your photo book.

Step 2: Is it ready? Make a high resolution export at print quality in JPG files.

Step 3: Save in a folder on your computer.

Step 4: Next, open our software, and select the desired product. Add as many pages as you have formatted.

Step 5 Add all the ready-to-go spreads you made in the other software, select the ‘full spread’ page style, and with your right mouse button select ‘apply this page style to all pages’, and drag the photos one by one onto the page. The photo will then scale itself perfectly across the full spread.

Step 6: Then, simply order the product, and if required, the right cover and paper, via the green basket.

Step 7: We will get started on your order straight away.

The production time for a Premium photo book is just 3 working days. A Premium Plus or Professional photo book takes 5 working days.