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What should I do if my photo book project is no longer listed under ‘up & running projects’?

Has your project suddenly disappeared from the list, when you select ‘up & running projects’?

If you have saved the project, it may be that you used a punctuation mark in the project name, such as &.
For some unknown reason, sometimes the software can suddenly no longer read these. You will find the project back in the “Profotonet Album Designer Projects” folder.
Changing the punctuation mark there, both in the folder and file name, should make the album reappear in the list.
To be on the safe side, before making your changes, place a copy of the project folder on your desktop.

If your photo book isn’t to be found in the “Profotonet Album Designer Projects” folder, then the blueprint will be fully lost.
If you haven’t deleted the photo book yourself, it may be something the IT department is responsible for within a work setting, or otherwise an automatic disk clean-up or virus scanner.
The file extension .prj isn’t standard, but it should be identified as “safe”, to avoid this from happening in the future.