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5 Practical Tips for choosing the perfect cover

Do judge a book by it's cover

As an amateur or professional photographer, you naturally take the most beautiful photos of every occasion. For the client, but most probably also for yourself. But what do you do with all those images of those unforgettable holidays, happy holidays and special events? Many photos end up on a hard drive that you might occasionally look at again. A shame! Turn your special images into tangible and personal memories with a Profotonet photo book. And extra fun, you can now choose from 8 different cover collections with a total of no less than 40 cover colours and materials!

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How do you choose your photo book cover?

Perhaps one of the most fun parts of making a photo book is choosing the cover colour. Will you go for the pastel colours from the Liv Collection or the rugged tough shades from the Rebel Collection? How do you make the right choice when there is so much to choose from? We will help you on your way with some practical Tips!


Decide whether you want a photo on the front or not

Personalise your photo book with your favourite Photo on the cover. Several options are available. Choose a photo cover printed on real photo paper or linen. Or make your photo book shine with a photo behind Plexiglas. The plexiglass makes the colours in your photo stand out even more. It also gives your photo depth. Not so keen on the shiny effect? Then choose the new anti-reflective Plexiglas. This cover gives the same luxurious look to your Photo, but with a matt finish!


Go for your favourite material

Many people also have a material preference. Some prefer the natural linen look like the Pure Collection, while others prefer a distinctive leather look. Once you are sure which material you prefer for your cover, you can then see which colour in that category appeals most to you.


Match your photo book with the colours in your interior

Combine the cover colour of your photo book with accessories or wall colours in your home and make your photo book part of your interior. Choose your most beautiful Photo and go for a Plexiglas cover. Place it in a prominent place in your home, such as in your bookcase or on the coffee table, and enjoy your most beautiful photo every day. This way, you can pick up your creation and leaf through it much faster, alone or with family and friends.


Choose which colour suits your photos best

Do you have a particular style, theme or colour palette in your photos? Create a nice whole by choosing a matching cover colour. For example, for a photo series in the woods, the brown shade Chocolate from the Rebel Collection fits perfectly and for a summer sun holiday, the cheerful and exuberant colours from the Paradise Collection. And have you taken photos of an extra special moment like a wedding or birthday? Then make your photo book a party too with the Sparkle Collection with glitter!


Give your customer a choice

Perhaps you are a professional photographer who offers clients a photo book at a photo shoot. The fact that you take all the work off their hands and create the most beautiful photo book with your expert eye is ideal for the client. But often they really like being able to pick the cover colours themselves.

Get going!

At Profotonet your photo book can be made in no time in the online album designer or in the offline Software. The photo books are standard flat and without barcodes or logos in the book. And did you know that Profotonet has been rated as the best quality photo book in the photo book test for two years in a row? Check out profotonet.co.uk for all types of photo books and don’t forget to use the promotion code!