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Laser Engraved Photo Book Cover

24 September 2020

At Profotonet you can order a photo book with text in a leather or linen cover. We use a laser engraving machine to attain stunning results; offering something for everyone, to cater to all tastes.


Scroll down to find out how to create the laser engraving.

For Premium, Premium Plus and Professional photo books

We add the laser engraving straight onto all our photo books that are available in our range. So: both the Premium photo books with lay flat binding and bona fide photo paper, as well as for the Premium Plus and Professional photo books with thickened photo pages and more exclusive cover options. Please note! This is only possible with the leather or linen options, so not in combination with a photo cover. In the software, select ‘photo book with laser engraving’. The text can only be placed on the front cover.

All materials differ

We offer a range of fabulous materials for our photo books. However, all materials react in their own way to the laser engraving machine, so each colour can yield a different effect due to the resultant heat. We burn the text into the material as it were, which results in a chemical reaction, bearing highly natural results. As can be seen with the photo books (and covers), the text attains different colours with each material. These colours are governing and cannot be adjusted. The result you see on the different materials will stay the same for ever. Check the cover material pages for the Premium, Premium Plus and Professional photo books to see all the different material types and the effect the laser has on them.

For this reason this process isn’t optional for all materials and colours, as we weren’t in all cases that enamoured by the result, so the colours offered with text are eligible for a laser engraving, but the others don’t unfortunately.

With the various leather and suede versions a light ’embossed’ look arises, a layer of the leather is burned away, which gives a wonderful depth effect. With linen there isn’t as much of a depth effect, it looks like text printed onto linen. But isn’t any the less stunning.

The options are endless

The great thing about working with a laser engraving machine is that the options are boundless. Every font, text, size, even your own designs such as hearts, circles, frills or other art can all be lasered. We’re not limited to stamps, we can laser anything. The only thing you can’t choose is the text colour, as explained above. What you see is what you get.

At present this process is only possible on an integral linen or leather cover, so not in combination with a photo cover, such as say, a Delon or Frame cover with the Professional photo books. Meaning for the time being text isn’t possible.

Using the software you can also create a customised cover for the photo book, and position text where you want it. A few examples are provided, with the different elements you can use, but you can come up with your own design too … it’s all possible in the software.

How do I create my laser engraving?

  • In the software select ‘Photo book with laser engraving’, and only use black text on the cover.Choosing a colour won’t be of any use as the laser cannot discern colours. In other words, the laser only discerns black and white.
  • Create a blank/white background. Choosing a background won’t be of any use, as it will be lasered black. So, don’t select a background colour, as the entire design will become black. Nor can we laser lighter or darker, everything is lasered at the same degree of heat.
  • Take the size of the cover into account, don’t make the design too small. Laser engraving is more legible on some materials than others. We advise not to use fonts that are too narrow, and to use a font size of 16-18, at the very least. Lines must be at least 2 pixels wide for good legibility on the material.
  • Would you like to know the effect the laser will have on our chosen material? Take a look at the page with all the cover materials for our Premium, Premium Plus and Professional photo books. Laser engraving is optional on materials where you can see the text, and the colour of this text is also the effect the laser will have on that material.
  • The page style designs are optional. If you’d like to use an illustration it will have to be pure black & white. Any grey tints or colours it contains will be converted into black.

The surcharge for a photo book with laser engraving on linen or leather is just €19.

Linnen blauw laser
linnen zwart cover
Leer wit laser